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Swift Kirabo is rap artist from Manchester who started writing and recording around three years ago. Ever since a young age Swift Kirabo has had a strong passion for music and even now we writes on the daily, working at his craft as he spreads positivity through his creations. The mixtape is as diverse as it is powerful, with a versatile selection of tracks from soulful and lyrical excursions to more hyped up powerful sounding tracks as well as deep thought provoking concepts. This release features contributions from Michael Leon, Joshua Reeves, Nu Vintage K Lawton, KMP, D.A, Mylo, Jon Doe, Original Genius and Spex, and is a brilliant introduction to a talent to look out for.

Swift Kirabo ‘Daydreamer’ (Track-listing)

01. Intro
02. This Is For
03. School Days
04. Day In The Life Feat. Spex
05. Devils All Around Feat. Original Genius
06. Just A Statement
07. Go In Go Hard
08. Miss Badu Interlude
09. My Perception Of Reality
10. Steps Ahead Feat. Michael Leon
11. No Child’s Play Feat. Mylo
12. Saint Or A Sinner Feat. Jon Doe
13. Hit Dem Up
14. Keep On Watching Me

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Respected producer, accomplished DJ and the unlikely face of Ikea 2013 – Harry Love is back on the boards!!

After taking heads by surprise with his recent smash ‘The Remedy’ for Black The Ripper, the legend behind milestone’s like Jehst’s ‘Alcoholic Author’ and Klashnekoff’s ‘Murda’ has lent his remixng skills to Telemachus’s cinematic epic ‘Scarecrows’ – featuring the vocal talents of New York underground anti-hero Roc Marciano.

Download the mp3 for FREE at