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Soloman Gehazi – Truthful Perspectives #Video

Soloman Gehazi Ft. Tommy Oliver – Creation #Video

01. Intro (Feat. Tricksta) 00:14
02. Shut It Down 01:27
03. Christ life (Feat. D7 & The Praying Mantis) 04:55
04. Wolves 2 London (Feat. D7 & DJ Amo) 02:22
05. Grown Man Biznizz (Feat. D7) (Prod by Viggers) 01:52
06. Creation (Feat. Tommy Oliver) 02:07
07. Promise Land (Feat. Deonne) (Prod by Nangfood) 02:20
08. Lyrical Mastery 03:22
09. Jugganauts (Feat. T33k1d, The Praying Mantis, Jae Sosa, Wiggz, Big Ribzy & D7) 05:27
10. Let My People Know (Feat. Young Weddaz) 03:12
11. Water To Lemonade 02:06
12. Take You Away 03:59
13. Praise (Feat. Alex Campbell & Radical) 04:02
14. Ten Commandments 01:26
15. Truthful Perspectives (Revised) 03:24
16. Mr. Militant Atheist 03:20
17. The Carnage 02:33
18. To The Scene Part 1 02:28
19. To The Scene Part 2 02:23
20. Real Hip Hop Music (Feat. D7) 02:46
21. Dusty Winter (Prod by Termite) 01:41
22. My Life (Feat. Alex Campbell & Wiggz) 03:16
23. When You Go (Feat. Corban) (Prod by MastaPlanet) 02:52
24. Lord Keep Me (Feat. Tommy Oliver & Radical) 03:04
25. Outro (Feat. Tricksta) 01:05

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New mixtape release from Wrigz available for FREE from

“I decided I was done with allowing the industry to construct my goals and potentially define who I am. I wanted to get back in touch with every aspect of what I want and who I actually am, whilst respecting the need to express through my art. I thought back to the beginning; what were my aims? what were my aspirations? where did my values lie? when did the understanding of respect, love, pride and dignity become over shadowed with concepts of money, views, fame, attention and status?

I decided it was time to X out the bullshit! It’s like possessing an identity given to me by a slave master, with that said I was able to revert back to the essence and find my true identity within music and at that point I realised…this is rebel music ~ It’s time to Rebel!” PROJECT X

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Alex-is is a Midlands based artist who has been on the grind for the last few years building a steady fanbase from underground releases and live shows. Playing up and down the country he has shared stages with the likes of Skinnyman, Malik MD7, Tony D, Genesis Elijah, Phoenix Da Icefire, Novar FLIP and many more well respected names, as well as playing at this year’s Boom Bap Festival alongside the cream of the UK and US acts Your Old Droog, Earl Sweatshirt, Jeru The Damaja, Homeboy Sandman, Ratking and more. An intelligent rapper with a penchant for words, Alex-is is a rapper like no other; he is unique in his delivery and stands out from the crowd. Take a listen and see you will instantly be hooked to one of the best releases of 2015.

At the top of 2015 Alex-is got signed by Chicago based record label Platformz Records for an EP and album which are currently being worked on. However in the meantime, this Wolverhampton rapper has unleashed a free download mixtape of sixteen tracks to keep you going. It’s already getting the thumbs up from a string of leading bloggers & DJ’s and is something that all UK Rap fans will adore. Guest features from Big Dutty Deeze, Nature The Kidd, Westlee, Donnie Numeric, The Delegates Of Rhyme, Joe Bird, 5n6 from XOTR, Trademark Blud, Lost Alliance and Big Ribzy with production from Tricksta, DeadMan Walkn, Lost Alliance, Buddz, Westlee, Vice and 5n6.

Alex-is ‘Relevant English Rhymes’ (Track-list):
01. Intro Feat. Tricksta
02. If I Died
03. Baby Girl (Produced by Bubbz)
04. Make Noise Feat. Big Dutty Deeze
05. Ohh La Feat. Nature The Kidd
06. Can You Hear Me? Feat. Westlee (Produced by Westlee)
07. History Feat. Donnie Numeric (Produced by Tricksta)
08. No I Don’t Feat. Ahkay
09. Piss You Off Feat. Jules (Produced by Bubbz)
10. Road To Ambition Feat. The Delegates Of Rhyme & Joe Bird (Produced by Vice)
11. Started Young Feat. 5n6 (Produced by 5n6)
12. Can You Even Relate? Feat. Trademark Blud
13. Took Nothing (Produced by Westlee)
14. On My Mind (Produced by DeadMan Walkn)
15. Stereotype (Produced by Bubbz)
16. Real Feat. Lost Alliance & Big Ribzy (Prod. by Lost Alliance)

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Trademark Blud

Trademark Blud is a name that most people into UK Hip-Hop should already know! For those that don’t let us once again introduce you to one of the UK’s most dedicated artists who last year teamed up with UK Runnings and released his debut mixtape ‘Tricks Of The Trade’ hosted by Tricksta, a UK mixtape veteran who has done mixtapes with US acts such as D-Block, Papoose, Sheek Louch, Red Cafe and UK acts Big Narstie, Iron Braydz, Novar and more.

Trademark Blud’s natural talent for murking microphones has led to him getting signed at the top of 2014 by Chicago Record label Platformz Records. He is currently working on an EP produced by Rediculus which is due out this year. To keep you going Trademark Blud releases his latest music video ‘Command & Conquer’, an up-tempo Hip-Hop banger produced by DJ Buzzword, a producer who is making noise on the UK circuit.

Sharing stages with the likes of Skinnyman, Mystro & DJ Lok, Micall Parknsun, Genesis Elijah, Wordsmiff, Phoenix Da Icefire, Malik MD7, Rewd Adams, Iron Braydz and many more, as well as getting booked for this year’s Boom Bap Festival on the same flyer as Earl Sweatshirt, Jeru The Damaja, Your Old Droog, things are looking good for Trademark Blud, a true talented UK artist.

‘Hefty production & killer barz’
‘This guy is Hip-Hop in human form’
‘One of the most consistent UK acts of this era’
‘A name that all Hip-Hop fans should get used to’
‘Trademark Blud has a unique style that is very likable’

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UK Runnings Presents Trademark Blud – Tricks Of The Trade

Forthcoming live shows…

Fri 01 May – The Ice Lougne, Telford
Fri 15 May – The Basement, Stoke
Sat 30 May – Spotlight, Birmingham
Fri 05 Jun – Boom Bap Festival, Norfolk
Thu 11 Jun – Level 3, Swindon
Fri 12 Jun – Loft Alfie Birds, Birmingham
Sat 13 Jun – The Compass, Chester
Sun 14 Jun – Queens Head, Redditch
Sun 28 Jun – The White Lion, London

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Sketchamus is a solo artist from Winchester, UK that is also one half of rap duo 2LostSouls with his partner in rhyme Dubside. Starting out writing lyrics at the age of fifteen he got into the sounds of drum & bass before moving into the Hip-Hop scene. Now in 2014 Sketchamus releases ‘Scrumpy Rap’, a collection of solid tracks that are already getting championed by some of the UK’s leading blogs and DJ’s. Things are really hotting up for this intricate, diverse and lyrical emcee.

‘Scrumpy Rap’ is a collection of eleven tracks with a bonus track that is thirty minute studio mix which has been mastered by Untapped Talent Studios. This mixtape features Matty C, Stan Doubt, DK, Verbal Skillz, Mr.E, Dubside and Yozi Mac with production from Nuttkase, The Passion Hi-Fi, Blanka, NEUS, Astrum, AZ Productions, Asi-C, Thesecession and Neptix. If you love UK Hip-Hop then make sure you check out this up and coming talented rapper, you won’t be disappointed.

Sketchamus – Scrumpy Rap (Track-list):

01. House Of Mystery (Produced by Nuttkase)
02. Intellect’s Dialect feat. Matty C & Rapulsive (Produced by The Passion Hi-Fi)
03. No Escape (Produced by Blanka)
04. Subconscious (2012) (Produced by NEUS)
05. Wake Up! (Produced by Astrum)
06. Phantom (Produced by AZ Productions)
07. The Steel Finger (Produced by Asi-C)
08. Subconscious II (Produced by thesecession)
09. Betrayal feat. Stan Doubt, DK, Verbal Skillz, Mr.E, Dubside & Yozi Mac (Produced by The Passion Hi-Fi)
10. I Don’t Know (Produced by Neptix)
11. The Flow Definition (Entry for R.A. The Rugged Man’s Definition Of A Rap Flow Contest)
12. BONUS TRACK – The ‘Bar’barian Mix

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Sketchamus – House Of Mystery Verse (Living Room Session)

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